Eppicard New York Customer Service

New York eppicard is the prepaid debit card that the state of New York uses to pay people receiving unemployment benefits from the government. Here is how it works: When you apply for unemployment benefits through the state and are approved, you will be issued a prepaid debit card, which your money will then be transferred into the account. That makes the funds available immediately on the date they are deposited, rather than having a check mailed which has to be deposited in a bank account or cashed – thereby avoiding to spend money on check cashing fees or waiting for a deposited check to clear to have access to the fund. This article looks at customer service for New York Eppicard and how easy it is to reach a live person.

Eppicard New York Customer Service

If you have questions about applying for unemployment benefits in New York, you have to call the state agency in charge. To get help with the NY State eppicard, which is also called the New York Debit MasterCard, call 1-866-461-4093. If you are calling outside the United States, then call 1-801-352-3298, which is a number for collect calls. Here are some of the things you can call customer service about:

1. You can call them to check the balance on your New York Debit MasterCard or get the transaction history for the most recent activity on your account.

2. You can also call customer service to select a pin number for your debit card or change your existing pin number if you think it’s been compromised or you suspect there’s been a suspicious transaction on your account.

3. If you have questions about the card you just received, that’s a reason to call customer support. They can explain all the workings of the card to you, including how it works, where you can use it, how to make purchases online and over the phone, how to do bill pay or pay for things like gas or rental car.

4. If you have a transaction on your New York Eppicard that you do not recognize, call them for help. They will be able to tell you where the transaction took place and also tell you how to file a dispute for the charges you did not authorize.

5. Finally, you can also contact them if your debit card becomes lost or stolen. If you suspect your card has been stolen or illegally used, it’s best to call and get a replacement card with a different number. That way, you are protected against any unauthorized transactions or illegal activity on your card.

There are events that may happen that can impact your ability to use your card. With all the talk in Washington about a government shutdown, you never know. That’s why it is important to keep up to date on what is happening to your unemployment benefits. For example, recent system glitches at the service provider caused a lot of people delays in being able to use their card for purchases. As the video above shows, some people were unable to use their debit cards for purchases because of system issues. If you find yourself unable to use your card, call customer service first to make sure they are not experiencing any issues.