Medigap Customer Service Phone Number

If you are looking for the customer service phone number for Medigap, you will have to narrow your focus to a specific state. This is because Medicap policies are issued by state, and they are mainly provided by private insurance companies that operate within state guidelines to service people who have original medicare insurance policies (Part A and Part B). Rather than getting Medicare Advantage, some people opt to get Supplemental Insurance through the private companies to help cover certain out of pocket costs like copay, deductibles and co-insurance.

If you go through medicare customer service, they will direct you back to the state specific insurance company you got your policy from. Unless you want to file a complaint about your policy with an insurance commissioner. If that is your primary goal then you will have to contact your state’s insurance commissioner to help you address the problem you are having with the private company. Medigap insurance plans and benefits are regulated both at the federal and state level. While the federal government sets the overall broader policy objectives and goals, the states are the ones that implement the policy at the local level. Therefore state policies may impact the kind of plans that can be sold in your state.

If you contact customer service for the company and they are not able to help you, then your best bet is the insurance regulator with your state or the Attorney General department who can aggregate complaints against the company and take action.