Phone Call Tracking

When you talk about phone call tracking these days, everyone immediately thinks about the US Government and the NSA and all the mass tracking of telephone calls both in the united states and across the world. While Edward Snowden has made the topic of call tracking very visible in the American media and around the world, there are other call monitoring that take place that people are not necessarily aware of. This is done in marketing and is called Call Tracking Metrics and with Software.

The most companies run advertising in various mediums, like Television, Radio, Print, Yellow Pages and Online (both display, PPC and Retargeting). When the ad involves customers calling a phone number, it is very hard to track which ad is generating the most phone calls to the business. Companies finding themselves in this predicament can use Call Tracking Software to be able to tell which specific phone number the customer is calling. This is done by adding a unique phone number to each ad, so that when each call comes in, the business is able to tell exactly which ad the customer saw and is calling from. You can use Call Tracking on Phone leads and PPC campaigns.

The business is able to track call length, call number, call location and in some cases they are able to record the call so they can learn about the program and better improve the overall results. But unlike what the government is doing, this is purely done to monitor marketing spending and spend more on what is proven and stop doing what is proven to not be working. So, the next time you see an ad from a company and they have multiple phone numbers – one number tracking each type of ad, chances are they are using a software program in the background to be able to tell how their entire campaign is doing.