Board of Nursing Customer Service

If you are looking for the Board of Nursing Customer Service information for your state, you’ve come to the right place. The board of nursing in each state regulates nurses and sets standards by which Registered Nurses in the state have to follow in order to stay in good standing regarding their nursing license. If you want to contact the board of nursing for your state, click here to see a list by state, including how to reach them by phone, physical mail, fax number and the address to their location. But what does a board of nursing do in each state?

"Board of Nursing Customer Service"

Like many professions of its kind, Registered Nurses (RNs) are regulated at the state level by the State Board of Nursing. The board is responsible for setting standards for nurses in the state, administering nursing qualification exams, approving licenses for nurses in the state and processing license renewals, receiving complaints about nurses and investigating them – and where appropriate taking disciplinary actions against nurses who violate their code of conduct or worse act in a manner that puts a patient’s life at risk or endangers a patient. Here are the five main responsibilities of the state board of nursing.

Setting Standards

Nurses deal with patients and their job environment deals with life and death situations. It is therefore important that there are strict standards by which nurses live by, which should ensure that they operate in a manner that is processing, safe and courteous. When one or more elements of these are not present, it can impact the quality of care that is provided and negatively impact the patient. The state board of nursing is responsible for setting those standards and constantly reviewing and updating them to keep up with changing environment at the workplace and ever changing technology that regulations.


Nurses have to be licensed to work in a particular state. The state board of nursing is responsible for setting standards for licensing and administering the licensing process. This includes accepting applications, reviewing and processing them and issuing licenses for this who meet the state’s requirements. They are also responsible for license renewals and revoking or suspending the licenses of those who do not meet the state’s requirements for maintaining a license as a registered nurse.
Another important function they perform is administration exams for qualification to become a nurse in the state. They also run continuing education program for nurses in the state. They also handle career Advanced exams. For example people who want to go from RN to other higher nursing jobs have to take exams and courses for those advancement careers. The state’s board of nursing is in charge of that process.

You came here for information on how to reach the customer service phone number of the board of nursing in your state but now you are leaving with so much more knowledge outside of the Board of Nursing Customer Service contact information, which you can now get for all 50 states using the link we provided.

Eppicard New York Customer Service

New York eppicard is the prepaid debit card that the state of New York uses to pay people receiving unemployment benefits from the government. Here is how it works: When you apply for unemployment benefits through the state and are approved, you will be issued a prepaid debit card, which your money will then be transferred into the account. That makes the funds available immediately on the date they are deposited, rather than having a check mailed which has to be deposited in a bank account or cashed – thereby avoiding to spend money on check cashing fees or waiting for a deposited check to clear to have access to the fund. This article looks at customer service for New York Eppicard and how easy it is to reach a live person.

Eppicard New York Customer Service

If you have questions about applying for unemployment benefits in New York, you have to call the state agency in charge. To get help with the NY State eppicard, which is also called the New York Debit MasterCard, call 1-866-461-4093. If you are calling outside the United States, then call 1-801-352-3298, which is a number for collect calls. Here are some of the things you can call customer service about:

1. You can call them to check the balance on your New York Debit MasterCard or get the transaction history for the most recent activity on your account.

2. You can also call customer service to select a pin number for your debit card or change your existing pin number if you think it’s been compromised or you suspect there’s been a suspicious transaction on your account.

3. If you have questions about the card you just received, that’s a reason to call customer support. They can explain all the workings of the card to you, including how it works, where you can use it, how to make purchases online and over the phone, how to do bill pay or pay for things like gas or rental car.

4. If you have a transaction on your New York Eppicard that you do not recognize, call them for help. They will be able to tell you where the transaction took place and also tell you how to file a dispute for the charges you did not authorize.

5. Finally, you can also contact them if your debit card becomes lost or stolen. If you suspect your card has been stolen or illegally used, it’s best to call and get a replacement card with a different number. That way, you are protected against any unauthorized transactions or illegal activity on your card.

There are events that may happen that can impact your ability to use your card. With all the talk in Washington about a government shutdown, you never know. That’s why it is important to keep up to date on what is happening to your unemployment benefits. For example, recent system glitches at the service provider caused a lot of people delays in being able to use their card for purchases. As the video above shows, some people were unable to use their debit cards for purchases because of system issues. If you find yourself unable to use your card, call customer service first to make sure they are not experiencing any issues.

How do you rate Prepaid Cards Customer Service?

Prepaid debit cards have become popular with the public in the last 5 years as banks have pushed them heavily as a form of payment. This is because since the great recession, banks have lost their ability to make easy money on things like exorbitant credit card fees and the likes. But we will look at the customer support these cards provide.

Another area that they used to make easy money – the checking account has been severely restricted, taking away more the crazy overdraft and account charge that were prevalent. Since credit cards and checking accounts used to be great sources of income and fees for banks, they must now look for new sources of making money. The prepaid card market offers them that opportunity.

Prepaid cards are issued by banks under the Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express networks.There are two types of these debit cards that are offered. There is the non-reloadable and the reloadable. The non reloadable debit card can be loaded with money one time and once you deplete the funds, you cannot add more money to it. The card becomes worthless.

With the reloadable, as the name itself suggests, you are able to add more money to it once the initial amount you put on it becomes depleted. You can pretty much can continue to reload it until the expiration date that is indicated on the card. That makes it a good alternative to carrying cash.

When it comes to prepaid card customer service issues, it totally depends on the card you have. Mostly, these cards are known to have the worst customer service, as compared to say regular credit cards. There are several reasons for that. First, regular credit cards are more regulated, so the banks cannot get away with cheating customers or ignoring legitimate issues or they risk a class action lawsuit, which have been known to mostly go in favor of the customers. As a result of this potential threat, the banks are more likely to pay more attention to their charge customers.

That is not the case when it comes to prepaids. These are mostly being targeted at the unbanked, senior citizens and low income customers. The customer service support on these prepaids tends to be very low and hard to get hold of. To get a live customer service agent to help you can be a nightmare. Therefore before you buy one of these, make sure that you’ve done your homework to be certain that the support you need when you have questions will be there for you. Otherwise, it’s going to be a nightmare when you have questions that need immediate answer or help. For example these are some of the question you may have that require an urgent response from a live person:

  • How to check your balance
  • How to find ATMs
  • How to use the card to get cash back
  • Whether you can use it to get cash back
  • Fees and Charges you may incur abroad
  • Whether there are any monthly service fees and charges
  • Whether there are any dormancy fees if you don’t use it for a period of time.

These are all important to know customer support issues to know.

Medigap Customer Service Phone Number

If you are looking for the customer service phone number for Medigap, you will have to narrow your focus to a specific state. This is because Medicap policies are issued by state, and they are mainly provided by private insurance companies that operate within state guidelines to service people who have original medicare insurance policies (Part A and Part B). Rather than getting Medicare Advantage, some people opt to get Supplemental Insurance through the private companies to help cover certain out of pocket costs like copay, deductibles and co-insurance.

If you go through medicare customer service, they will direct you back to the state specific insurance company you got your policy from. Unless you want to file a complaint about your policy with an insurance commissioner. If that is your primary goal then you will have to contact your state’s insurance commissioner to help you address the problem you are having with the private company. Medigap insurance plans and benefits are regulated both at the federal and state level. While the federal government sets the overall broader policy objectives and goals, the states are the ones that implement the policy at the local level. Therefore state policies may impact the kind of plans that can be sold in your state.

If you contact customer service for the company and they are not able to help you, then your best bet is the insurance regulator with your state or the Attorney General department who can aggregate complaints against the company and take action.


Baby Afrique Customer Service Phone Number

Baby Afrique is the first and Ghana Baby Store where you can buy products like Baby food, diapers and wipes, strollers, car seats of various kinds, activity play toys, pack and play, walkers and more. All their products are imported from the United States of America.

They have a website where you can checkout all their products. To visit their website, go to and browse their inventory, which is divided into categories. Here are some of the categories of products they carry. On diapers, they carry Babies R Us and pampers swaddlers. They also carry Babies R Us and pampers wipes, both sensitive, scented and non-scented types.

When it comes to car seats, they have them in three different groups – infant car seat, convertible and booster seats from leading American brands like Graco, Britax, Evenflo, Safety 1st and more.In the feeding category, they have infant formula from Gerber and baby food from Earth’s Best and Gerber. There are also jar foods in various stages, like stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 foods.

One of the unique things about their service is that you can order online and have it delivered to your office – on a cash on delivery basis if your office is within a certain radius in Accra.