Board of Nursing Customer Service

If you are looking for theĀ Board of Nursing Customer Service information for your state, you’ve come to the right place. The board of nursing in each state regulates nurses and sets standards by which Registered Nurses in the state have to follow in order to stay in good standing regarding their nursing license. If you want to contact the board of nursing for your state, click here to see a list by state, including how to reach them by phone, physical mail, fax number and the address to their location. But what does a board of nursing do in each state?

"Board of Nursing Customer Service"

Like many professions of its kind, Registered Nurses (RNs) are regulated at the state level by the State Board of Nursing. The board is responsible for setting standards for nurses in the state, administering nursing qualification exams, approving licenses for nurses in the state and processing license renewals, receiving complaints about nurses and investigating them – and where appropriate taking disciplinary actions against nurses who violate their code of conduct or worse act in a manner that puts a patient’s life at risk or endangers a patient. Here are the five main responsibilities of the state board of nursing.

Setting Standards

Nurses deal with patients and their job environment deals with life and death situations. It is therefore important that there are strict standards by which nurses live by, which should ensure that they operate in a manner that is processing, safe and courteous. When one or more elements of these are not present, it can impact the quality of care that is provided and negatively impact the patient. The state board of nursing is responsible for setting those standards and constantly reviewing and updating them to keep up with changing environment at the workplace and ever changing technology that regulations.


Nurses have to be licensed to work in a particular state. The state board of nursing is responsible for setting standards for licensing and administering the licensing process. This includes accepting applications, reviewing and processing them and issuing licenses for this who meet the state’s requirements. They are also responsible for license renewals and revoking or suspending the licenses of those who do not meet the state’s requirements for maintaining a license as a registered nurse.
Another important function they perform is administration exams for qualification to become a nurse in the state. They also run continuing education program for nurses in the state. They also handle career Advanced exams. For example people who want to go from RN to other higher nursing jobs have to take exams and courses for those advancement careers. The state’s board of nursing is in charge of that process.

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